Encouragement Pins

Encouragement Pins

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement. These Thoughtful Little Angel lapel pins are the perfect gift for that special person in your life who needs a little encouragement or for yourself when you need a boost.

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  • A beautiful flying angel with a hand set faceted body stone and sparkling epoxy wings reading a book adorned with colored epoxy. The genuine Austrian crystal head adds extra sparkle to this pin layered in 14K gold.

    Teacher Angel


    Our thoughtful little Teacher Angel pin will become a treasured gift to that teacher that has impacted yourself or someone special in your life.  Whether they have helped you directly or through your child, their impact in your life can be lasting. Every great Teacher's work day extends far beyond the actual classroom and normal class day.  From preparation for their daily lessons, to giving extra help when needed, to helping in extracurricular events, these teachers rise above the rest with very little reward. Show your appreciation and give that teacher, our Teacher Angel  pin to bring a smile and touch a heart

    Pin Size: .81″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H                                                         

  • Angel of Courage


    Our Angel of Courage pin is the perfect choice to give to someone special or just for yourself.  Courage can be very difficult to find and sometimes we all look for assistance when we are faced with a difficult time in life.  Sometimes it can be work, family, friendship, financial, health or just needing a push to perform what should be an every day task to most.  This Angel of Courage may be what is needed to confront your own personal issue and be victorious in this battle. Sometimes just knowing that you have your own personal Angel of Courage will help you through this challenge.  So give this lapel pin to someone in need so it can become their symbol  of courage and support and help draw upon that strength that we all posses deep inside.

    Pin Size: 1.19 “W X 1.31″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3”


  • Count on Me


    Our Count On Me lapel pin is a perfect gift to give to your dear friend to let them know they can always count on you and depend on you. We all have a friend or numerous friends that we share a special bond with. These friends may be new or lifelong friends but both are equally as dear to us. It is important to let these friends know that no matter what is going on in their lives, you are always there to lend support. By giving this Thoughtful Little Count On Me Angel pin to your friend you let them know you are always there and it brings you great joy to be able to call them a friend.

    Pin Size: .56″W X .56″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H


  • Understanding Angel


    Our Thoughtful Little Understanding Angel makes a great gift for someone who may be going through some difficult times and you want to let them know that you understand what they are going through and you are here for them to help. Life is not perfect and there will always be times when things aren’t going as planned, but during these times it’s nice to know that you have someone on your side who understands what you’re going through. Our Understanding Angel is there to help make things right and to keep the person strong. There’s nothing better than knowing someone understands you and what you’re going through because life isn’t easy but having true friends and family in your life can make it so much easier.

    Pin Size: .56″W X .69″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H



  • I’m Here For You Angel


    Our Thoughtful Little I’m here For You Angel is a great gift to let someone special know that no matter what you will always be there for them. There are times in life when someone we love is going through a difficult time. During these times of strife it is nice to know that they always have someone on their side. Whether this person needs a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or a person to sit with so that they are not alone, you are letting them know you’re there for whatever they need. Our I’m Here For You Angel is a kind reminder that they are not alone and when they are ready to talk or cry you will be there through it all.

    Pin Size: .56″W X .75″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Sunshine Angel


    Give our Sunshine Angel to someone who needs it to brighten up their day. Everyone has bad days, it’s an unfortunate part of life. The good thing about bad days is that they don’t last forever. That’s the beauty about life, things change day to day and what seems like a huge mountain one day will be an ant hill the next. Our Sunshine Angel is sure to bring a ray of sunshine into your life and make all of your troubles seem smaller. There’s nothing like a sunny day that makes your troubles magically go away.

    Pin Size: .75″W X .94″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H


  • Butterfly Kisses To Believe In Yourself


    By wearing or giving our Butterfly Kisses To Believe In Yourself angel pin you are instilling confidence to achieve the tasks set before you as well as future goals.  There are times when everyone needs a little reminder to believe in themselves and wearing the Butterfly Kisses To Believe in Yourself angel pin may just be the help you need to achieve this. Believe in yourself, that you can do what ever you set out to do, and show the world by wearing this beautiful Butterfly Kisses To Believe In Yourself angel pin.

    Pin Size: 1.06″W X 1.19″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • You Can Do It Angel


    Give our Thoughtful Little You Can Do It Angel pin to someone to bring a positive outlook into their life. Everyone knows the story about the Little Engine That Could, the story is a great teacher of hard work and optimism. The little train kept telling himself, “I think I can, I think I can” and eventually he did. Our You Can Do It Angel pin sends the same message as this classic tale of the little engine and that is if you work hard and think positive you too will achieve your goal. Look beyond the hurdles and persevere.

    Pin Size: .69″W X .75″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H



  • Hang In There Angel


    Our fun Hang in There Angel makes a great gift for someone who is going through a difficult time. We all have times in our life when we feel like everything is going wrong. It seems as though our life is a constant battle and we see no light at the end of the tunnel. It may seem as though life is unfair and the road you’re traveling seems like it’s all uphill, but keep the faith that it will eventually turn around. Give the gift of faith with our Hang in There Angel and let this person know that this too shall pass, nothing lasts forever and this slump will be behind them soon enough. Remind them to have faith, believe in themselves, and hang in there because it will all be okay in the end.

    Pin Size: .63″W X 1.25″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H


  • Diet Angel


    Time to get into shape– our Thoughtful Little Diet Angel may be of some help When your clothes start to get a little snug or tighter than usual it may be that time to do something about it.  When your friend or you yourself need some support in dieting our Diet Angel is there to help.  Wearing the Diet Angel not only gives encouragement and support, but also serves as a reminder to keep you on the right track in the” battle of the  bulge”.  This Diet Angel will help remind you to eat healthier and make good choices on your way to the “new” you.


    Pin Size: .63″W X .50″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H                                                

  • A fully functioning heart shaped locket. The angel has a hand set genuine Austrian Crystal head stone and its wings are accented with hand painted sparkling silver epoxy. Each lapel pin has a brass finished fully functioning locket that is set in a 14Kt gold finished beaded frame with a little angel sitting on top.

    Angel of Hope Locket


    Our Angel of Hope Locket lapel pin is a thoughtful way to send a message of hope and strength. Everyone has times in their lives that things just seem to be going wrong every day and you just cannot see an end to this cycle.  It’s at these times that you feel helpless, distraught, and generally very low. By giving someone special this Angel Of Hope locket lapel pin, you are showing them that there is someone who cares and that they are not alone. Sometimes it just takes a little gesture that seems so small and inconsequential but the end results can be amazing.  Help out a friend, family member or just give yourself that extra boost  with our Angel of Hope locket pin.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .94″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H                                          



  • I Am Very Proud Of You


    Our I Am Very Proud Of You Angel pin is the perfect gift to give to someone who has just accomplished or achieved something great in their life and you want to let them know how truly proud of them you are. Whether the person’s achievement is a monumental one like landing a dream job or on a much smaller scale of someone doing something nice for someone else, it’s always a great knowing that someone is proud of you. It gives you more confidence and makes you feel like you can achieve anything. Let someone know how impressed you are with them with our I Am Very Proud Of You Angel. Not only will its recipient know at that moment how proud you are of them but they will have this beautiful angel pin to keep forever and will always remember how they felt when they received that pin.

    Pin Size: .69″W X .75″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • I’m In Charge Angel


    Give our I’m In Charge Angel to that special woman in your life who is strong willed and takes full control over her own life. There is nothing more empowering as a woman than knowing that you are in control of your own life and no man or person will ever take that away from you. It takes a take charge type of woman to proudly state that she’s in charge, but once it’s out in the universe it really begins to feel good. Wear our I’m In Charge Angel pin to show the world that you’re in charge of your life and you are proud of that!

    Pin Size: .94″W X .87″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Ribbon of Hope


    Our Thoughtful Little Ribbon of Hope pin shows support for eight different causes. Each colorful stone in this pin represents hope for a specific disease. Show your support and give a little extra hope for your loved ones and all the people in the world who are battling these horrible diseases everyday. Sometimes a little hope goes a long way. We all need support to get through difficult times and by wearing this Ribbon of Hope you are not only bringing awareness to these different causes but you are also lending strength to someone who may need it.

    Pin Size: .38″W X .94″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Love and Hope Angel for You


    In times of difficulty, both physical and spiritual, our Thoughtful Little Love and Hope Angel for You shows support and caring for that special person in your life. It is unfortunate, but each and every person eventually is faced with some kind of loss, whether it be death, financial, relationship, or an illness. It is at these times that we all need some extra love and hope to get us through. Even though you cannot take away their pain, you can help by giving words of encouragement and by letting someone know you are there. It can be these acts of kindness that can truly define your relationship. Give someone in need our little Love and Hope Angel for You and bring a ray of hope during a dark time.

    Pin Size: .69″W X .87″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Rise and Shine Angel


    This Thoughtful Little Rise and Shine Angel pin is a reminder that each and every morning is a brand new start. Give this to someone who needs a little reminder to lead everyday with a positive and a go for it attitude.

    Pin Size: .94″W X .69″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Be Proud Of Who You Are


    Everyone has heard the expression “proud as a peacock” at some point in their life. What better way to show how proud you are of that special someone as well as of yourself than by wearing or giving our Be Proud Of Who You Are pin.  Show how proud you are of the accomplishments you have achieved as well as the challenges and obstacles that have overcome.  Be proud like the peacock and show the world your feathers –Be Proud Of Who You Are!

    Pin Size: .75″W X .69″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Aim High


    Our Aim High pin is a great gift to give to someone special who is about to embark on a new chapter in their life. Whether you know someone who is about to begin college, going out in the work force, or is traveling the world and taking a soul searching journey, you want to give them an extra boost of confidence to Aim High and set no limits for themselves. There are always obstacles in life and we always need to remember to look beyond these obstacles and to keep your eye on the prize and to keep a positive outlook in every situation. This pin reminds the wearer to not listen to the people who will try and tell them not to go for their dreams. Some people will say it is too scary or risky or it is not worth it but if it is your dream you aim as high as you can go and do not quit. Give this Aim High pin to anyone who needs this reminder even if it is yourself!

    Pin Size: .81″W X .75″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Angel Of Strength


    Breast Cancer can be one of the most difficult challenges to face in life.  It requires strength, courage and support, and what better way to show your support to that special friend who may be presently undergoing this challenge than by presenting them with the Angel of Strength pin.  This Angel of Strength pin helps to renew one's faith that those around you care and are sharing their support with you. This little angel helps give comfort to that special someone who at times may feel that this is a losing battle.  By wearing the Angel of Strength pin it will be a constant reminder to take comfort in the fact that others know that you can be strong and will face these challenges head-on knowing that you can fight this fight.

    Pin Size: .38″W X 1.25″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Hope and Courage Angel


    Give our Hope and Courage Angel pin to someone who may need a little reminder to stay strong and keep the faith during a tough time. There are always times in life when we may lose hope that things will get better. The amazing part about life is that no matter how bad you may feel one day, the next day everything can turn around and completely change. Give someone who may be feeling down a little hope to keep going and remind them to always have courage to face their problems. Our Hope and Courage Angel pin is a perfect way to send that message of hope without having to say a word.

    Pin Size: .75″W X .87″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H                                             

  • Angel Hugs To Show I Care


    Give the gift of letting someone know you are there for them with our Angel Hugs to Show I Care pin. This pin is a great way to let someone know who is going through a rough time in their life that you are there for them. When someone is hurting so deeply it can sometimes be hard to come up with the right words to let them know that you are sorry for what they are going through but you are confident that things will eventually be okay. Most importantly you want them to know that you are there for them no matter what and you truly care for all that they are going through. Give our Angel Hugs to Show I Care Angel to someone special to relay this message. Help a friend get through a tough time with our Thoughtful Little Angel.

    Pin Size: .75″W X .75″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Destiny


    Our inspiring Destiny Angel pin is a great gift for someone who is trying to figure out their purpose in life and what they are destined to do. Early in everyone’s life we all look to the stars in search of our future with all of its mystery and unknowns which can be very scary. In the search for our destiny, life has a way of directing us. We all have different paths of life and everyone’s journey is unique. Our Destiny Angel pin has a great message about looking deep within yourself which will begin this journey. Remember, this is just the beginning and the end is yet to be determined.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H


  • Reach For Your Dreams


    Our Reach For Your Dreams pin is a great gift to give to someone who you want to take the leap in life and attain their life’s goals. Sometimes our biggest obstacle in life is self doubt. We trick ourselves in to thinking that we can’t do certain things or it’s just a dream, not something that will ever be a reality. Encourage these people to put their fears to the side and to stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Tell these people to break out of their comfort zone and to really go for it by giving them our Reach For Your Dreams pin. Your dreams are always within reach, you just have to take that jump to reach them.

    Pin Size: .87″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Perseverance Angel


    Give our Perseverance Angel to someone special in your life who may need a little motivation in achieving their goals. To persevere means to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success. Life is hard and nothing is promised, but the only way to achieve your goals is to face every obstacle that you may be faced with and even if you fail at first you must keep going. Just like the sentiment says on this card perseverance is not a long race, instead it’s a few short runs put together that you made whether be in the sun or the rain. Our Perseverance Angel is a sure way to motivate someone to always keep pushing forward and to never give up. Your future is up to you to hang in there, never give up, and you’ll succeed in all you do.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H