Believe In Angels Pins

Believe In Angels Pins

Our sparkling Believe in Angels are a perfect gift to someone who has a strong faith and it’s also the perfect gift for yourself. Our Thoughtful Little Believe Angel pins come in all different beautiful colors. These pins are a sign of faith, a symbol of strength and bring comfort to many.

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  • The Lord’s Prayer Angel


    Our The Lord’s Prayer Angel makes a perfect gift to yourself or someone else whose religious beliefs are as strong as yours. The Lord’s Prayer has been printed and reprinted throughout time and has served as a major message of your religious faith. This short prayer can give comfort and support in a time in one’s life where one’s religious faith is greatly needed. These special words have served as an anchor. Give The Lord’s Prayer Angel pin as a gift to yourself or that special friend and draw strength from these strong words.

    Pin Size: .50″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H


  • Angel of Healing


    Our Angel of Healing makes a wonderful gift for someone to wish them well. When we say the word heal most people think of a physical wound that needs to be treated, but there is also emotional healing that takes place. We all go through things that leaves us feeling a bit broken inside, whether we lost someone we loved, ended a relationship, or had a fight with someone who meant a lot to us. It can really affect our soul and it feels like that pain we feel will never go away. Our Angel of Healing is filled with love and is here to help heal your internal wounds. Everyone desires having inner peace and our healing angel is full of care and concern and will guide you to obtain that inner peace.

    Pin Size: .81″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H   



  • Count on Me


    Our Count On Me lapel pin is a perfect gift to give to your dear friend to let them know they can always count on you and depend on you. We all have a friend or numerous friends that we share a special bond with. These friends may be new or lifelong friends but both are equally as dear to us. It is important to let these friends know that no matter what is going on in their lives, you are always there to lend support. By giving this Thoughtful Little Count On Me Angel pin to your friend you let them know you are always there and it brings you great joy to be able to call them a friend.

    Pin Size: .56″W X .56″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H


  • First Communion


    One of the earliest milestones in a person's life is when they make their First Communion.  This Thoughtful Little Angel First Communion pin will serve as a  treasure to be not only worn and treasured forever but serve as a reminder of that wonderful day when you experience your First Communion.  Our First Communion pin will be a constant reminder of that day when you first publicly showed your love and commitment to God.

    Pin Size: .75″W X .94″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Baptism Angel


    Celebrate this special occasion with our beautiful Baptism Angel. Being baptized is a big milestone in people's lives. Baptism is a Christian sacrament of admission into the church using water. Once you are baptized you are forever guided and protected with God's loving kindness. Our beautiful Baptism Angel pin is a great keepsake that can be treasured for years to come to always remember that day. Your relationship with God is a lifelong one and it begins on this special day.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .94″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Praying Cross Angel


    Our Praying Cross Angel holds a cross, a symbol of faith and strong belief.  Show to the world your faith and help spread the word with a little style. Our Praying Cross Angel represents all that a cross is and also does it with a little glitter and shine.  Give this special Praying Cross Angel to someone special who shares your beliefs and know that this spiritual gift will be felt very deeply.

    Pin Size: 1.13″W X 1.19″H    Card Size: 3″W X 3″H                     

  • Faith


    Give our Faith lapel pin to someone who has a strong belief system. Faith is having complete trust or confidence in something or someone. Whether your faith is in God, science, politics, or even the angels above, you have complete trust in whatever your personal belief is and nothing can break that. Faith can help people through many difficult times in their lives because they have complete confidence in what they believe. Therefore, they know these bad situations are not going to last forever because of their strong belief. Show the world how strong your beliefs are by wearing our Faith lapel pin.

    Pin Size: .56″W X .69″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Butterfly Kisses To Believe In Yourself


    By wearing or giving our Butterfly Kisses To Believe In Yourself angel pin you are instilling confidence to achieve the tasks set before you as well as future goals.  There are times when everyone needs a little reminder to believe in themselves and wearing the Butterfly Kisses To Believe in Yourself angel pin may just be the help you need to achieve this. Believe in yourself, that you can do what ever you set out to do, and show the world by wearing this beautiful Butterfly Kisses To Believe In Yourself angel pin.

    Pin Size: 1.06″W X 1.19″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Faithful Angel


    Our thoughtful Faithful Angel makes a great gift for someone special in your life who has strong faith. The cross is on the angel’s chest, like a suit of armor. It represents a sign of belief, prayer, and faith. Having faith in something is having complete confidence and trust in whatever it is you believe in. Being faithful means you are loyal, constant, and steadfast. There is no quality more endearing than being faithful. Whether you know someone who has strong faith in their religion or is a faithful friend, give them our Faithful Angel to let them know how much you respect their loyalty.

    Pin Size: .63″W X 1.00″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • A handset cabochon body stone and a modulated colorful custom manufactured stone wing that has a reflective nature. A handset genuine Austrian crystal stone is used for the head.

    You’re in My Thoughts and Prayers


    Our You’re in My Thoughts and Prayers Angel lapel pin is the perfect gift to let that special person know that they are in your thoughts and prayers every day.  Life can have its ups and downs and these issues can range from a sudden loss, sickness, job related or simply an unexpected move.   Life has many curves and obstacles that define us.  No matter what curve you are facing, just knowing that you have someone in your life who is sending you positive thoughts and prayers can help you greatly during this time of need. You’re In My Thoughts and Prayers Angel pin can be that supportive message to someone you care for or miss greatly.  Let a special someone know that you will keep them in your thoughts and prayers everyday.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H



  • A fully functioning heart shaped locket. The angel has a hand set genuine Austrian Crystal head stone and its wings are accented with hand painted sparkling silver epoxy. Each lapel pin has a brass finished fully functioning locket that is set in a 14Kt gold finished beaded frame with a little angel sitting on top.

    Angel of Hope Locket


    Our Angel of Hope Locket lapel pin is a thoughtful way to send a message of hope and strength. Everyone has times in their lives that things just seem to be going wrong every day and you just cannot see an end to this cycle.  It’s at these times that you feel helpless, distraught, and generally very low. By giving someone special this Angel Of Hope locket lapel pin, you are showing them that there is someone who cares and that they are not alone. Sometimes it just takes a little gesture that seems so small and inconsequential but the end results can be amazing.  Help out a friend, family member or just give yourself that extra boost  with our Angel of Hope locket pin.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .94″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H                                          



  • God Loves Me


    God Loves Me, what a simple phrase but what a powerful message. This God Loves Me pin makes a great gift for that very religious person you know, or for yourself as a statement to the would. God sent his only son to die for our sins. We know that God’s love for us is unconditional and that he loves each and every one of us.  Our God Loves Me pin makes a wonderful gift to anyone who believes and will help to spread the word to the world.

    Pin Size: .69″W X .81″H    Card Size:3″W X 3″H

  • I Believe Angel


    Our I Believe Angel makes a great gift for someone you know who has a strong belief in God. By wearing this angel pin you are telling the world that you believe God is always with you day and night. It’s a beautiful thing to have such a strong faith in God and to believe that even the obstacles we face are just a part of our journey and they are lessons to teach us to be the best we can be. God is always watching over us and this I Believe Angel pin represents that guidance you receive from above. Wear this angel to keep you safe and to bring out your very best.

    Pin Size: 1.19″W X 1.19″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H                                     


  • Hummingbird Angel


    A hummingbird symbolizes the enjoyment of life and our Hummingbird Angel serves as a great reminder to enjoy life and to appreciate all of its beauty. Despite the hummingbirds small size it's able to travel long distances and also has the ability to fly backwards. The hummingbird encourages people to continuously develop their adaptability and resiliency while keeping a playful and optimistic outlook on life. Our Hummingbird Angel is aesthetically beautiful but it also carries a much deeper meaning to always appreciate life's beauty and to enjoy life. We only get one chance at this journey so you might as well enjoy it.

    Pin Size: 1.00″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H


  • Cat’s Eye Angel


    Give the mysterious Cat's Eye Angel pin to someone special to help connect with the other side. The mystery of the Cat's Eye has been a wonder to many, but it's known to bring lots of luck to the wearer and this sparkling pin brings out the beauty of the Cat's Eye. Our Cat's Eye Angel pin is a great accessory for any outfit and is sure to bring luck and a connection to the other side, so make sure to give it to someone special for it's meaning is not appreciated by all.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .69″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

  • Believe


    What better way to show how much your faith means to you by wearing or giving to that special someone our thoughtful little Believe cross pin.  The cross has always stood as a symbol of faith, a sign of comfort, and a place where one can derive strength from.  Wearing our Thoughtful Little Believe cross pin will serve as a constant reminder that you have faith and are not alone.  Wear our simple but classic Believe cross pin and celebrate in the truth that YOU DO BELIEVE!


    Pin Size: .56″W X .75″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H