Family Love

Family Love

Your family is the most important people in your life. The love you have for them is beyond compare. Share with your parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins how much you love them. The beautiful pin and personal message on each card is sure to pull at your family’s heart strings.

  • Daughters Pins

    Daughters Pins (26)

    Daughters are the most precious gift. To have a daughter is to know what love truly is. Why not share this precious gift of love with your daughter with one of our beautiful daughter pins and express your special love with one of our very thoughtful verses.
  • Extended Family Pins

    Extended Family Pins (21)

    From Aunts to Cousins, and all those step relatives in between, will all surely be touched with one of our Thoughtful Little Angels and its special message  designed just for them.  So show your extended family just how much they mean to you because nothing means more than knowing just how much you are loved.
  • Grandmother Pins

    Grandmother Pins (17)

    There is no love quite like a Grandmother’s Love. They are nurturing, caring, thoughtful and kind. Let your grandmother know how much she means to you and what an important role she plays in your life with one of our many Thoughtful Little Angel Grandmother pins.
  • Mother Pins

    Mother Pins (34)

    Mother’s are the foundation of a family. They are selfless and nurturing and a mother will do absolutely anything for her family, especially her children. Let your mother know how much you appreciate everything she has done for you and how much you love her with one of our Thoughtful Little Angel Mother Angel pins.  
  • Sister Pins

    Sister Pins (18)

    Having a sister is having a built in best friend. A sister is someone who understands you more than anyone else because she grew up with you and was there through it all.  So give her one of our Thoughtful Little Angels and a special message that will tell her how you feel and the keepsake pin will always remind her of the special bond you share.
  • The Family Men

    The Family Men (14)

    The men in your family are the protectors of the family. They make sure you are always safe and well taken care of. Let the men in your family know how much they mean to you and how special they are with one of our Thoughtful Little pins and tie tacs, because even men like to know that you care.