Gardening Pins

Gardening Pins

They don’t say you have a green thumb for nothing! Gardening is an art that some are just better at than others. Whether your expertise’s is with flowers or in planting gardens with fruits and vegetables galore, celebrate your talents and joy of gardening with one of our Thoughtful Little gardening pins or give one to that “green thumbed” friend.

  • Garden Pins

    Garden Pins (33)

    Gardening is such a nice and relaxing past time. Making your house look beautiful with planted flowers or producing fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in your garden is such a rewarding and satisfying job. Give the green thumb in your life one of our Thoughtful Little pins to show you notice all that they do or treat yourself with a pin to bring a little extra protection and growth to your garden.
  • Flower Pins

    Flower Pins (29)

    Whether you use flowers to make a great centerpiece on your table or give a single red rose you can show someone how much you love them. Flowers are beautiful to look at and yet they carry a lot of special meaning within them.  Here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have everlasting flowers to share with people you love and care about deeply.