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  • Just 4 Fun Collection of Fun Enamel Pins and Fun Notes!

    Just 4 Fun Collection of Fun Enamel Pins and Fun Notes! (48)

    Our Just 4 Fun Collection of Fun Enamel Pins and Fun Notes are very current ways to express a special message.  Whether you need to send a note to a friend or show your appreciation to a family member this collection will do the job. Everyone will recognize the meanings on these cards and will bring a smile or a tear. Each pin which is American Made was designed to match the special card that has a printed "To" and "From" on the back making it a perfect gift.  Look through this collection of 48 styles and you will find many choices for that special person in your life.  From Ice Cream lovers to Mermaid collectors, Cat lovers and Dogs too, its all there. Whether you need an inexpensive something for a child, senior or millennium this funny and oh so cute collection will sure to please.

    Sometimes it is easier and more special to get a message on a card from someone you know. Especially if that message also comes with a Hand Painted Enamel finished pin that reflects the meaning of the card.  In fact you give two gifts with one purchase, a special message and a keepsake pin.  Our Just 4 Fun Collection of Fun Enamel Pins and Fun Notes lets your special someone remember your kind thought every time they see their pin.

  • Custom Cards for your event

    Custom Cards for your event (9)

    Let us help you with your Special Event , Party or any gathering for any occasion. We can help make your function extra special and make your guests remember it for a long-long time. Whether it is a Bridal or Baby Shower, a Reveal Party, Reunion, or even a Funeral to honor a loved one. We have over 2,000 Pins and thoughtful cards with poignant verses that will touch the heart of your special guests or to pay homage to someone special you have lost. You can pick your custom pin, card, special wording , verse or create your own verse you want for your event. We can customize any program for you in less than 2-weeks and its a U.S. made product! Discount prices are available for quantity orders. Call us at 1.877.852.8723
  • Travel and Vacation

    Travel and Vacation (42)

    Whether you’re counting down the days until your next vacation, you just came back from the trip of your life, preparing for a business trip or just traveling to see family and friends, we have a Thoughtful Little pin or Angel to help you remember that special vacation or just to protect your special traveler. Give one of our beautiful vacation pins as a gift to your fellow travelers as a special memento of that trip or give a Travel Angel to your traveler to protect and watch your loved one until they get home again.
  • Funeral-Remembrance Pins

    Funeral-Remembrance Pins (17)

    Losing someone you love is like losing a piece of your heart forever. No one can truly understand how you feel as you grieve the loss of your loved one. Here at Thoughtful Little Angels we want to help you find the words to let someone know you are thinking of them at their time of grievance without having to say a word. Give one of our touching pins to the person in your life who has just lost someone or give a pin in remembrance of the person they loved so dearly.
  • Events, Favors And More...

    Events, Favors And More... (119)

    Let us help you with your Special Event , Party or any gathering involving people. We can help make your function extra special and make your guests remember it for a long time. Whether it is a Bridal or Baby Shower, a Reveal Party, Reunion, or a Funeral. We have over 2,000 Pins and thoughtful cards with poignant verses that will touch the heart of your special guests. Discount prices are available for quantity orders.
  • School Pins

    School Pins (29)

    A school is like a puzzle, everyone has a specific role and when you put all of these roles together you get a school. From the bus drivers bringing your children safely to school to the principals ensuring your child is getting the best education they possibly can. Everyone plays a significant role in the education of the students. Give one of our Thoughtful Little pins to show your appreciation for all they do.
  • Hometown Heroes

    Hometown Heroes (29)

    Superman doesn’t compare to the heroes in your hometown. They serve and protect us every day. When you’re running away from a situation, your hometown heroes are running towards it with full force. Celebrate your hometown heroes whether they are Policemen, Firemen or Military men we all need to let them know how much they mean to us.
  • Shareable (2 pin set to share)

    Shareable (2 pin set to share) (21)

    Give the Best Gift of All... A gift that you can "Share" each pin set comes with 2-pins on one card with a special verse to express a special message, one to keep and one to share. You can Share a pin with a special loved one and when worn, you both get to Share a very special moment and remember each other. Whether its a Mom and Daughter, Grandmother and Granddaughter, Best Friends, Special Aunt and Niece or just two friends who miss each other, we have a "Share-able" for you. Take a look and touch a heart and make someone's day that much special with this very unique gift!
  • Balloons - Austrian Crystals

    Balloons - Austrian Crystals (30)

    Our Message Balloons make great gifts to help celebrate a special event, from sweet 16 to 49 Again and everything in between. These make great gifts by themselves or great gift tags for a special present.  These pins feature Genuine Austrian Crystal Stone balloons and come in a 14kt gold finish.  Take a look and have some fun.
  • Birthstone Angel Pins

    Birthstone Angel Pins (24)

    From Ruby’s to Sapphire’s we have a Thoughtful Little Birthstone Angel for every month. These beautiful pins make a great gift to celebrate  someone’s birthday or a special treat for you.  Whether you like your birthstone color or just have a favorite color, these guardian Angels will watch and protect you or a loved one.
  • Baby Joy Pins

    Baby Joy Pins (41)

    Baby angel pins are a beautiful collection here at Thoughtful Little Angels to share with those you love. A great idea to let everyone know you're expecting is to use our Baby on the Way angel pin. Also a unique way to share at a gender reveal party is to give our It's A Boy or It's A Girl angel pin. There is a baby angel pin for everyone!
  • Fun Pins

    Fun Pins (153)

    We all need a little fun in our lives. Share your fun side with the special people in your life to brighten their day and to bring joy to any occasion.
  • Help With Addiction

    Help With Addiction (23)

    Addiction is a disease that unfortunately plagues many. Nobody chooses to be an addict, but unfortunately addiction can choose you. Give one of our Addiction pins to the recovering addict in your life and their supporters. Give them one of our Thoughtful Little pins to let them know even though you may not fully understand their battle, you are always there for them to lend a helping hand. Above all, let’s celebrate sobriety!
  • Occasion Pins

    Occasion Pins (179)

    There are so many special occasions and here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have a pin to for every occasion and for every person. From Anniversary pins to Wedding pins, we have it all!
  • All Angels

    All Angels (261)

    At Thoughtful Little Angels we have well over 1,000 Angel Pins. There is an angel for every occasion. Whether you need an angel for your Mother or an angel to show someone how much you appreciate them, we have an angel for every need. Our beautiful angel pins can bring comfort, offer protection, support, hope and bring inner peace to those who believe in the power of Angels.
  • Animals, Birds & More

    Animals, Birds & More (81)

    Everyone has a special animal that they collect and adore from Alligators to Zebras and everything in between. These thoughtful little lapel pins make the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself. Show the world your favorite animal and treasure the special thought as well. You can also take pride in knowing all our items are always Made in America.
  • Support Our Troops

    Support Our Troops (19)

    Every American has an obligation in life that goes beyond politics and any personal beliefs, that is the responsibility to always Support Our Troops!  These men and women put their life on the line on a daily basis and all do this for Family and Country with selfless dedication.   Whether you wear a flag pin, or wear a Picture Pin with your loved ones photo you show to the world your support.
  • Irish Pins

    Irish Pins (15)

    Celebrate your Irish heritage with our very unique Irish pins. Show everyone how proud you are to be Irish by wearing one of our Thoughtful Little Irish pins. Slaʹinte! (Cheers)
  • Beautiful Bugs, Butterflies & More

    Beautiful Bugs, Butterflies & More (65)

    Our Thoughtful Little Beautiful Bugs, Butterflies and more make the perfect gift or add to your collection of special bugs that you adore. This collection features Genuine Austrian Crystal Stones as well as hand painted epoxy, genuine cats eyes, faceted AB stones and many more varieties of stones.
  • EyeGlass Holders

    EyeGlass Holders (13)

    “Where are my glasses?” is a statement made by so many people everyday! Resolve that problem with our practical yet stylish Eye Glass Holder pins. These Thoughtful Little lapel pins look great and also serve a very specific purpose, to hold your glasses so you don’t lose them. Wear this pin proudly knowing,  it was Made in America.
  • Awareness

    Awareness (80)

    Cancer awareness is a very important message to show to the world.  Our Awareness pins help bring attention to those around you that you support the great effort to fight cancer and want everyone to be aware.  Early detection can make all the difference and it all begins with being aware of the disease and knowing the signs.  Help show the world that you care.
  • American Beauty Rose

    American Beauty Rose (17)

    Our American Beauty Rose Collection features the beauty of our national flower, the American Beauty Rose" and traditional styling to make the perfect addition to any outfit.   This collection of classic pins is available with matching pierced or clip earrings. Each Rose is hand formed in a satin red rose finish that matches the beauty of a natural American Beauty Rose. Available in a gold finish. PE's are  hypo allergenic.
  • Sports Pins

    Sports Pins (29)

    From fishing to basketball we have a Thoughtful Little  Angel Pin for every sport. Give one of our fun sports pins to the athlete in your life or get one for you to let everyone know you have a love for sports.
  • Gardening Pins

    Gardening Pins (49)

    They don’t say you have a green thumb for nothing! Gardening is an art that some are just better at than others. Whether your expertise's is with flowers or in planting gardens with fruits and vegetables galore, celebrate your talents and joy of gardening with one of our Thoughtful Little gardening pins or give one to that "green thumbed" friend.
  • Spanish

    Spanish (60)

    Here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have an extensive collection of cards written in Spanish. If you have a friend or family member whose primary language is Spanish, they would love to get one of our beautiful Angel Pins and special verses in their native language. Make that special person feel extra special. Aquí en Pequeños Ángeles Pensativos tenemos una colección extensa de naipes escritos en español. Si usted tiene a un amigo o el miembro de familia cuya lengua primaria es el español, ellos amarían conseguir uno de nuestros Alfileres de Ángel hermosos y versos especiales en su lengua materna. Haga aquella persona especial sentirse extra especial.  
  • Music and Art Pins

    Music and Art Pins (15)

    Music is known as the universal language. No matter what gender, ethnicity, or age everyone loves music. No matter what genre of music you like, as long as you love music, here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have a music pin for you.
  • Personalized Picture Jewelry

    Personalized Picture Jewelry (30)

    Our personalized picture jewelry brings a whole new meaning to the word personalized. We will customize your photo that you easily upload to us and re-size it to fit you selected jewelry item. A moment in time that is captured and now able to be worn every day will remind someone of that special moment and also of that very thoughtful person who gave this unique item. From New Arrivals to Remember Me, we have a personalized item for every occasion. Available on Lapel Pins, Zipper Pulls, Hang-um's, Tie Tacs and Key Chains will surly bring a smile or tear or both.
  • Teddy Bear Pins

    Teddy Bear Pins (17)

    Everyone loves Teddy Bears and our Thoughtful Little Teddy Bear Pins are no exception. From Angel Teddies to Crystal Teddies, we have one that will touch your heart or make a wonderful gift for that other Teddy Lover you know.
  • Someone Special

    Someone Special (33)

    We all have special people in our lives and it is nice to let them know how special they are to you and how much you appreciate having them in your life. Give one of our Thoughtful Little pins to someone special in your life to let them know how much you care.
  • Hospital / Medical Pins

    Hospital / Medical Pins (27)

    A lot goes in to running a hospital. There are the patients that go to the hospital for help and there is the staff that works day in and day out to ensure that your family and friends are getting the best care possible. Here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have a Medical pin for both the patients and the staff.
  • Faith

    Faith (56)

    A person’s faith is something that people cherish and are truly passionate about. Their belief lies within them and it’s a huge part of who they are. These Thoughtful Little Angel pins are a great gift for anyone in your life that has a strong faith. They also make a great gift for you to show the world that you are proud of your faith and what you believe in.
  • Driver Protection Angels

    Driver Protection Angels (38)

    These Thoughtful Little Driver Protection Angels are a great way to keep not only the driver, but also your daughter, son and your entire family safe. These pins can be used in a car visor or worn as a lapel pin to protect someone in all vehicles.  These pins make great gifts for a new driver or seasoned driver or for yourself because who doesn’t want a little extra protection when you’re on the road!
  • Organizations & Fundraising

    Organizations & Fundraising (32)

    Here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have a great collection of pins that can be used with many different organizations and fundraisers. From our awareness pins to our Red Hat pins, we have a pin and verse for every organization or fundraiser.
  • Occupations

    Occupations (34)

    From hairdresser pins to doctor pins, here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have an occupation pin for most professions. Our occupation pins are a nice accessory for your uniform and they also bring extra protection and help from above from our Thoughtful Little Angels.
  • Family Love

    Family Love (118)

    Your family is the most important people in your life. The love you have for them is beyond compare. Share with your parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins how much you love them. The beautiful pin and personal message on each card is sure to pull at your family’s heart strings.
  • Emotions: Miss You, Just Because, Appreciation

    Emotions: Miss You, Just Because, Appreciation (18)

    When you need to express an emotion to someone special and you can't find the right words....we have over 2,000 special gifts and a sentiments for you to select from. Search a sentiment and we have you covered!
  • Down By The Sea

    Down By The Sea (45)

    Being around the water is so relaxing and beautiful. The smell, the sights, and the sounds all add up to a wonderful experience. Our Down by the Sea collection of Lighthouses, crabs, star fish, tropical fish, sharks, whales and even lobsters just to name a few, will make the perfect gift for the special someone in your life that loves the sea.
  • Soul Reflections

    Soul Reflections (31)

    From Mom's to Daughter's and more in between, we have a very soul searching sentiment message with a keepsake pin that will serve as constant reminder of that special thought.
  • Seasonal

    Seasonal (92)

  • X-TRA's

    X-TRA's (46)

  • Pets

    Pets (67)

    Our pet angel pins are a way to celebrate our pets as family. They give us unconditional love and expect nothing but love in return. We enjoy our pets and look for ways to tell others about them. Whether you have a cat, a dog or any other special pet, we have a pin for you. Give one of our Thoughtful Little pet angel pins to the pet lover in your life or treat yourself to a pet pin to show the world how much you cherish your pet.
  • Holiday Pins

    Holiday Pins (225)

    What better way to express you Holiday spirit than with one of our Thoughtful Little Holiday lapel pins.  From Christmas trees to Turkey pins, we have all of your Holiday pin needs covered.  We have the broadest collection covering every Holiday all year long.  These pins make great gifts for Friends, Family, Colleagues and Co-workers who also share your Holiday spirit.