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All Angels

At Thoughtful Little Angels we have well over 1,000 Angel Pins. There is an angel for every occasion. Whether you need an angel for your Mother or an angel to show someone how much you appreciate them, we have an angel for every need. Our beautiful angel pins can bring comfort, offer protection, support, hope and bring inner peace to those who believe in the power of Angels.

  • Angel Hug Pins

    Angel Hug Pins (25)

    We hug people for many different reasons. We hug to console someone, to show someone we love them and even to show we miss them. Our collection of Angel Hugs is the perfect gift to give to your mother, sister or friend to express all of those emotions and best of all you can give them a hug even if you’re physically not there.
  • Love Pins

    Love Pins (21)

    They say to love and be loved in return is the greatest gift in the world. Give the person you love one of our Thoughtful Little Angel pins to share the greatest gift of all with them, love!  
  • Happiness Pins

    Happiness Pins (18)

  • Believe Pins

    Believe Pins (24)

    A person’s faith is something that people cherish and are truly passionate about. Their belief lies within them and it’s a huge part of who they are. These Thoughtful Little Angel pins are a great gift for anyone in your life that has a strong faith. They also make a great gift for you to show the world that you are proud of your faith and what you believe in
  • Special Thoughts Pins

    Special Thoughts Pins (75)

    There are many reasons why we would want to relay a message to someone in our lives. Whether it’s to let someone know that we think they are special or to let them know we are here for them. Special Thoughts Pins