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Category: Faith


A person’s faith is something that people cherish and are truly passionate about. Their belief lies within them and it’s a huge part of who they are. These Thoughtful Little Angel pins are a great gift for anyone in your life that has a strong faith. They also make a great gift for you to show the world that you are proud of your faith and what you believe in.

  • Religious Pins

    Religious Pins (40)

    Your religion is very important to you, it’s who you are. These Thoughtful Little Angel pins can help bring comfort and serve as a gentle reminder of your spiritual side. From praying angels to guardian angels, and many in between, we have a pin that will reflect your spirituality.
  • First Communion and Confirmation

    First Communion and Confirmation (24)

    From Baptism to Confirmation, we have a Thoughtful Little Angel pin for every milestone in one's religious journey. These pins make the perfect keepsake pin that can be treasured forever.
  • The Cross

    The Cross (19)

    The Cross, a symbol of faith and strong belief.  Our collection of crosses range from simple lapel pins to show your faith, a hand engraved cross on a locket pendant to small simple cross pierced earrings that shows the world your belief.