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Teddy Bear Pins

Everyone loves Teddy Bears and our Thoughtful Little Teddy Bear Pins are no exception. From Angel Teddies to Crystal Teddies, we have one that will touch your heart or make a wonderful gift for that other Teddy Lover you know.

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  • Crystal Teddy Bear with Heart


    Our Crystal Teddy Bear with Heart pin says “I Love You” to someone very special on Valentines Day.  Give this pin to that special love and when they wear this pin they show to the world that they are loved and have a special Valentines.  Whether its young love or love for a child or senior love, they will cherish this pin and its sentiment.  Everyone loves a Teddy Bear and one that holds a Heart and says “I Love You” is very special.  Give this Teddy Bear to your Valentine and watch them smile and wait for that hug.


    Pin Size: 0.63″W X 0.94″H    Card Size: 3″W X 3″H                              

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  • Crystal Teddy Bear


    Our Crystal Teddy Bear pin makes a great lovable gift to that special Teddy Bear lover you know.  Give this pin to that special person and when they wear this pin you will always be remembered. It doesn’t matter whether you are you or just young at heart, teddy bears are can bring back wonderful memories of times long ago.  For that young person who loves their teddy, this pin will become another great friend that they will cherish!

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  • Hope and Courage Cancer Teddy


    Give our Thoughtful Little Hope and Courage Cancer Teddy to someone special in your life who is battling cancer. Hearing the words, “you have cancer” are scary and something that no one wants to hear. These people have a long battle ahead of them filled with many doctor appointments and treatments, all while they are trying to remain positive. Sometimes just knowing that you have a strong support system and have people to lean on can really make this horrible fight that much more bearable! Give our Hope and Courage Cancer Teddy to give someone that extra but of hope and support to help them get through everyday and hopefully to recovery.

    Pin Size: .63″W X .75″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H

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  • Teddy Hug


    Give the gift of a Teddy Hug to someone special with our pin. As a child you would give your precious teddy bear a special teddy hug for comfort whenever you needed that extra measure of security or just to put yourself at ease.  By giving this pin  to that special person or child or by even wearing it yourself our Teddy Hug angel bear can not only bring back those wonderful memories from childhood but also can give one the feeling of a sense of security. Everyone needs a hug and what better way to deliver it than by having our cute little Teddy Hug angel bear to wear everyday.



    Pin Size: .69″W X .81″H    Card Size: 2″W X 3.5″H












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