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Category: Occasion Pins

Occasion Pins

There are so many special occasions and here at Thoughtful Little Angels we have a pin to for every occasion and for every person. From Anniversary pins to Wedding pins, we have it all!

  • Retirement Angel Pins

    Retirement Angel Pins (29)

    Retiring is a time when someone gets to enjoy their life after years of hard work and dedication to their career. They are able to travel and spend time with the ones they love without the pressures of work. Give one of our Thoughtful Little Angel pins to the special person in your life who has retired let them know you are proud of them and you wish them all the luck in the world with the new phase in their life.
  • Sympathy Angel Pins

    Sympathy Angel Pins (39)

    Thoughtful Little Angels wants to help you express to your loved ones your sincerest sympathies. It is often difficult to verbally express how sorry you are to someone especially in a time of such sorrow. By giving one of our Angel pins to your grieving family member or friend you are able to express exactly how you feel and offer comfort without saying a word.
  • Anniversary Angel Pins

    Anniversary Angel Pins (21)

  • Confirmation, First Communion and More

    Confirmation, First Communion and More (31)

    From Baptism to Confirmation, we have a Thoughtful Little Angel pin for every milestone in one's religious journey. These pins make the perfect keepsake pin that can be treasured forever.
  • Birthday Pins

    Birthday Pins (50)

    Birthdays are such special days to celebrate. It’s the day a person was brought in to the world. Give one of our Thoughtful Little Angel pins to your loved one to let them know you are thinking of them on their birthday and every day.
  • Graduation

    Graduation (37)

    Graduating is such a huge milestone. From Kindergarten graduations to College graduations and everything in between, we have a Thoughtful Little Angel pin with the perfect sentiment to make the big day more special and memorable.
  • Sweet 16

    Sweet 16 (26)

  • Birthday Milestones

    Birthday Milestones (30)

    Birthday milestones are monumental events and our unique and special pins, sentiments and gift cards make a great gift to the recipient or for great gifts to all the guests of this event. Everyone dreads hitting these milestones except for the few earl ones like "Sweet 16" or maybe "21 and Legal" but for the others maybe embracing the event and wearing a special pin to celebrate the day will help is some way. Maybe giving someone a "29 Again" or "30 and Fine" or maybe "40 and Fine or perhaps the "50 and Fab" will bring a smile to that special someone.